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Dellinger Precast was founded in 1977 and provides high quality precast concrete solutions for a wide variety of applications from precast concrete manholes and storm drains to a range of products and services to support North Carolina and South Carolina’s department of transportation (DOT).

Located in North Carolina, and serving the neighboring states of Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, the manufacturing plant is certified by: National Precast Concrete Association

Quality and attention to detail is the foundation of Dellinger Precast’s corporate philosophy, and this is what separates us from our competitors.

Now, after over 40 years of outstanding service to our customers, Dellinger Precast is proud to be a part of Evercast Concrete providing their high-quality precast and prestressed products to an even larger base of customers across a larger region.

Our Wet Utility Precast Concrete Products

precast concrete grease traps
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precast concrete manhole
Learn more about Manholes
precast concrete mono bends
Learn More: Mono Bends
precast concrete meter vaults
Learn more about meter vaults
precast concrete pole base
Learn more about Pole Bases
precast concrete septic tanks
Learn More: Septic Tanks
precast concrete storm drains
Learn More: Storm Drains
Precast concrete wing wall
Learn More About Wing Walls

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