Our Vision

Purposefully creating value for our customers by providing innovative, best in class precast and prestressed concrete products and services.

Our Guiding Principles

SAFETY: Our primary focus. Keeps safety as an overarching mindset for our employees and their families. Empower our employees to Stop, Think, & Ask. We are accountable for our own health and safety and encourage the same from those around us.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: Acts with the customer, both internal and external, in mind. Identifies and fully understands each customer’s needs. Creates a positive customer experience and delivers profitable solutions for both parties. We are committed to actively listen to the voice of the customer.

COMMUNICATION: We have a culture where we can communicate freely and efficiently to challenge the status quo to improve our business and deliver results. Knowledge sharing is encouraged and expected.

TEAMWORK & RESPECT: Accomplishes great things by leveraging collective talents.  Treats people with dignity and respect.  Builds relationships through open, honest and direct communication.  Fosters teamwork.  Practices humility.  Values diversity.

ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY: We take initiative and make well informed, data driven decisions. Driven by a sense of urgency. We take ownership and measure performance while bearing the consequences of the results, both positive and negative. We set proper expectations and deliver on our promises. Lives compliance.

VALUE CREATION: Understands products and processes. Never satisfied with the current state. Always looking for new and better ways to accomplish our goals. Anticipates and drives continuous improvement that creates the greatest value. Considers what is possible. Celebrates wins and successes.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: Focuses on the company’s profitable growth. Values freedom to apply good judgement. Challenges the status quo. Takes calculated, disciplined risks for step change.

INTEGRITY & TRUST: <strong><span class=”redintro”> Has the courage to do the right thing. Earns trust. Keeps commitments.

Our History

Dellinger Precast Inc. was created with a vision and sustained with a passion for quality and dedication. Gary Dellinger, the founder, was struck with a brilliant idea while bailing hay on a farm in Denver, North Carolina, at the young age of 23. He watched as a precast concrete septic tank and rig drove by on a hauling truck.

He saw an opportunity as he realized that these tanks were not locally manufactured and each had logistical/transportation costs, so Gary jumped in his car and watched the driver deliver tank then followed him to the septic tank manufacturing operation in Hickory, North Carolina which was 30 miles away; and this is where the Dellinger Precast story begins.

This eureka moment and a newly found friendship with the truck driver whom Gary followed led to the founding of Dellinger Precast Inc. Gary started by borrowing a set of used forms with the promise to pay for them once he began to make an income. To this day, the company still purchases their concrete forms from the man who so generously loaned them.

Over time, Gary learned that a company stands on much more than just hard work. Dellinger Precast Inc. became a leading manufacturing company with a commitment to quality, hard work, and employee and customer satisfaction.

The Dellinger 40,000-sq-ft manufacturing plant is NPCA certified for DOT precast products

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